Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Spell Ace

Later on November 27, 2013 a helpful neighbor had found a few of the missing items:

"Super-Sleuth Sherry Symons Mitchell found my BBQ and Spice caddies. Thanks so much, Sherry! Gotta flavor that bird! Here's where we stand now:

Found: Spice Caddy, BBQ Caddy
Missing: Bucket, Chopping Block/Axe, Grain Sacks, BBQ Grill, Dinner Table"

While replacing the missing items I found the sign had changed again:

"Well here I am recovering the missing items that Sherry found for me and lo and behold I notice Mr. Turkey had changed his message while my back was turned! I still don't get what he's trying to tell us.... that he's a good speller?"

 Cathy Perry also found my dinner table a bit later...

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  1. Now Choo, you could eat on the ground, if you must...;)