Random Pictures

I'm going to periodically dump random pictures on this page for those who enjoy that sort of thing.

These are images that I captured, created or corrupted at one time or another to amuse myself and/or others on Facebook.  They never found their way into an actual blog post or anything, so they've just been cluttering up my hard drive and collecting dust.

I may end up recycling them into a blog post or something someday, on account of my inherent laziness, but for now they shall reside here.

Some of them require explanation, a few are self-explanatory, while others defy any explanation whatsoever.


 No idea.

I think someone said Gus looked like Brad Pitt or something.

 Someone said something about shooting my animals?  Can't recall.

This crazy-eyed chick is nuts about Sliced Baby Gingers.

Misspelled words are comedy gold.

One day Buck mysteriously disappeared from everyone's farm, only to mysteriously return sometime later.

Cathy Perry's cluttered farm was featured on an episode of Hoarders.

Technical difficulties.
Everyone was sick of the hatter's table and no one could store it in inventory.  Set it on fire, I said.

Brokeback Gus.

No idea.

Cathy was upset she never got a Gazebo, so I shipped her mine.  Never said it was gonna be free though.

No idea.

Someone was posting this creepy Christmas card in various FV2 groups last December so I made it "farmier."

Cathy was cited for her blatant holiday decoration crime.

More technical difficulties.

Urging people to set things on fire seems to be my standard response to most bug complaints.

My response to people complaining their order board was too hard.  Surprised I didn't tell them to set it on fire.

Some quest bug told players to prune non-existent Fir trees.  But many of the complainers spelled it f-u-r.  So I made a fur tree for them.  That was nice of me.

My response to the complaints the FV2 helper tree frogs were not working properly.

Fight Club.

Someone said I must have rode the "short bus" to school.  That's not nice.

This cow reminded me of Ted Koppel, so I did a side-by-side.  Yup.

My wife is the jealous type.

Gus finally reaches his breaking point and pushes Cathy off a cliff.  He was fed up with her constant remarks calling him a slob because of his untucked shirt.

Walter developed a split personality one time.

He kept referring to himself in the third person during the quest.

No idea.

No idea.  I think it was my half-baked response to someone saying something about a "Lunar Quest" coming soon.  I should have made a reference to that Astronaut Farmer movie instead, but I am fail.

I won a free goat.

My response to Zynga's massive spouse energy nerf.

My response to people saying "I WANT A DIVORCE" after Zynga's massive spouse energy nerf.

 My response to people talking about how they suddenly had a child in FV2.

There was some speculation that Buck left town because he was actually the one responsible for all the mysterious pregnancies in FV2.

I was sad about the glitch that caused the sparkles to disappear from my fertilized crops.  Fortunately it was eventually fixed.

"The Yellow River" by I. P. Freely

Won't you be my neighbor?

My response to people complaining about County Fair cheaters.

Sometimes people don't get their quest.  It is because they have somehow unwittingly drawn the ire of the infamous Quest Nazi.

My response to complaints that a glitch was preventing players from storing their Butterfly Feeder in inventory long after the quest had ended.

Additional pics added on September 19, 2015:

My response to people who say "I don't care what people do on my farm, as long as they visit I am happy!"  Yeah, right. 

 No idea.

My response to finding withered crops on my friend Chynna Mai's farm.

My interpretation of how the Mayweather Damson tree got its name. 

Eggs are eggs, I say.  

 An evil teddy bear was sent to me by a state fair competitor to do evil things to me.

Jaws invaded my river and ruined my fishing experience.  Bad Jaws, bad. 

My response to the fact that no one could get FV2 to load that day. 

I'm very greedy about my bamboo. 

My response to someone complaining in a group about all her visitors doing nothing on her farm but "sucking sprinklers."

Candice Hollinghead's dog is weird.

Richard Turner posted a pic of his Christmas tree, noting that it had manifested a sort of PacMan-esque quality.  A quality which I then proceeded to enhance with an actual PacMan for no particular reason I can recall, apart from my usual state of drunken boredom.

A pic I created to post in celebratory response to the birth of a new sprinkler. 

I stole Walter's fez but he thought the pig did it.  LOL, what a dumbass! 

This is my latest invention: The Quad Fertilizer Rake (aka the Super-Duper Pooper Scooper!) 

A picture I created to illustrate how I felt after finding a lousy red goat in my barn.

More hijinks inspired by the "Sprinkler Sucker" complaining lady.

TMZ FarmVille caught me in the act! 

A disgusting conversation I overheard between my river dwellers, Rock Turtle and Fallen Treeosaurus. Nasty creatures! 

Somehow one of my river fields glitched out and got pushed up onto the riverbank.  It's still stuck like that to this very day.  My farm is like the Twilight Zone.

My response to someone complaining that Zynga customer service lied to them about something. 

My response to someone complaining about this direct quote from Zynga support which defies logic.

Additional pics added on October 11, 2015:

When Co-Ops first came out and some people could buy into them early with farmbucks, some chick who did that posted about how fun and cool it was.  In enthusiastically describing the co-op experience she said, "This is like owning a grocery store!"  That seemed like a strange analogy to me at the time, so I added her quote to this picture of a sad-looking grocery store owner and posted it in response.  She was not amused.

My response to people annoyingly saying "flash drive" when they are referring to their flash player.  "Guys, every time I try to play FV2 my flash drive crashes!"

Chillingham cow is one cool customer.

Oh lordy.

I think someone said there was a quest coming soon featuring a surprise birthday party for Marie at "Dexter Lake."  This was my take on it, I guess.

I love doing these CSI panels even though no one seems to appreciate them.  In this case someone posted about not being able to find their reindeer on their farm, and they looked all over, and please help, etc.  So people were like "Did you check such and such, etc."  And finally the person said, oh I found the reindeer in the barn, derp!  So I posted this in response.  As usual, no one laughed.

I dunno.  Some kinda Halloween shenanigans I guess.

Poking fun at Foxley's sparsely decorated farm.

 My diary entry about the shitty gift I received on FV2's second birthday.

Graphical representation of my insomnia.

My attempt to install FV2 mobile on my flip phone was to no avail. 

I dunno, I think I was trying to convince someone there was a fake crop packet in my general store.  Why would I do this?  It is a mystery even to myself.

No idea what this was about. 

Rose posted a pic of her stuck on top of her animal barn and asked for help.  Being a chivalrous gentleman, I brought her a ladder.

 Turns out Rose was not practiced in the art of using ladders.

Although she continues to deny it, Pat unwittingly poisoned many people that day. 

Watch out for that fertilizer rake, Corn...  Oops, too late. 

Help is on the way!

The geniuses at FarmVille 2 wanted us to guess what their clearly labeled picture was.

Oooh, I can't wait for this!

I dunno.  I think someone posted a pic of the Martian rover and said Mars resembled Las Vegas.  So I added the sign.  How clever of me.

My response to people complaining that their pig medallion board would not open.

Your guess is as good as mine.


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