Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fried Chicken

Oh no! I saw Carlos playing peek-a-boo with my chickens, then I went to harvest some crops and I smelled something burning. I came back to find this!

Smokin' Trees

I noticed today that my trees were just completely freezing over every time I tried to water them. I asked if this was happening to anyone else, but nobody else said they'd experienced it.

I asked Carlos to try and thaw my trees out with his radioactive snood beam.  He agreed to do so, and it appeared to be working at first...

But then this happened.  "Stop Carlos!  Too much!  Turn it off!" I shouted.

The dutiful turkey complied... but alas, I was left with a smouldering hole in the center of my lime tree!  I must train this talented turkey to better control his new ability.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Hide N Seek

Carlos and I were celebrating his return home with a little champagne when he suddenly decided to play a little impromptu game of hide and seek with me!

Sunday, December 29, 2013


I just want to thank the town of Farmville for throwing the homecoming celebration and parade in honor of Carlos Guajolote, the radioactive turkey who saved Christmas. Carlos was presented with the key to the city by the mayor of Farmville, and he showed off his glowing snood for everyone, as you can see pictured here. Carlos is now back with me on my farm where he is allowed to freely roam the grounds, so be sure to say hi to him when you visit - just don't get too close to him, because he's still a little radioactive.

Carlos and I wrote a little song to mark the occasion. Please follow the YouTube link below if you would like to hear it.


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Local Turkey Saves Christmas

With all of the excitement this morning I had forgotten to read today's newspaper! I sure do love a happy ending, don't you?

Santa's Flyby

I caught a glimpse of Carlos the Radioactive Turkey guiding Santa over my farm and dropping off Christmas presents last night! Meant to post this video earlier, but I had a bit too much egg nog! Merry Christmas Carlos fans!


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Carlos was Murdered!

OMG! That despicable madman Findem has killed my poor turkey!  This is horrible horrible horrible! I love you Carlos! I am so sorry it ended this way... I'm sorry for everything I put you through... This is all my fault!


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Live Feed

Findem has opened up a live video feed from Chernobyl. He wants me to watch him kill Carlos! I can't bear to look. Please watch and tell me how it turns out!


Walter's a Righteous Dude

Great news! Walter has agreed to help Carlos! Let's hope his plane gets there in time!

Radioactive Entanglement

Oh no! Carlos' balloon has become entangled over the Chernobyl nuclear reactor!!

Also, Findem has gone rogue! What am I going to do now???

Friday, December 13, 2013


Phone's all charged up now... Got a video update from Findem!

Meanwhile, at Barb's B&B...

Just got back from talking to Barbara about the incident with Carlos in London. I think it went well...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Big Ben and the London Eye

My turkey's still in London, riding the London Eye! PI Findem's back on the case!

Choo Dessny Findem has a fool-proof plan! We got this turkey now!

Choo Dessny Oh, I can see the hatch on top! Findem's gonna crawl in there and capture this bird once and for all!

Choo Dessny Uh oh...

Choo Dessny Unbelievable!


Choo Dessny Findem's got Carlos cornered at Big Ben!

Choo Dessny He sent a pic...

Choo Dessny Who would send a hot air balloon to rescue a fugitive turkey?


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Trafalgar Incident

OK, Findem's located my turkey again... Finally!

Choo Dessny omg he's right, look at all those pigeons! Hey is that Carlos? It's him! We got him now!

Cathy Perry he's on top of that column, behind the little kid with the red jacket.. Carlos you are so busted..

Choo Dessny Thanks Cathy, I let him know!

Choo Dessny Says he's lost him already! WTH? We have to help this guy again...

Choo Dessny Here's the pic he sent... Wow there are a lot of pigeons indeed! Where's Carlos?

Cathy Perry he's hanging around the man on the right; his right leg . gosh, i'll bet there is a lot of bird poop around that place. cripes.

Choo Dessny LOL, Findem reached between that guy's legs. Smart.

Choo Dessny Oh geez, this lady must be known as Queen of Pigeonlandia!

Cathy Perry Carlos is at the top right of that dung heap. ROFLBO!!

Choo Dessny Uh oh, sounds like Findem's in trouble...

Choo Dessny There's a pic coming in... Oh boy this looks bad.

Choo Dessny Come on Findem, fight back!

Choo Dessny Jeepers, look at Carlos there. He looks like a General in the Bird Army! He's not messing around... Findem's in deep doo doo now.

Choo Dessny Well this is embarrassing. Seems they've gotten the upper hand (wing?) on Mr. Findem! I've lost contact with him.

      Choo Dessny Oooh, one more pic in queue here... Must've come in just before I lost contact....