Friday, December 6, 2013

Eiffel Trifle

Findem had already tracked Carlos to Paris, but lost him in a huge crowd.  He needed our help...

"My PI seems to have lost Carlos in the crowd at the Eiffel Tower. He needs our help to find him. Everyone give us a hand, please! Can you spot Carlos the turkey in the crowd?"

Tracey Russell spotted him... "right hand corner by the man in red T-Shirt?" - I texted this info to Findem...

"Oh no, he lost him again!"

"He sent me a new pic to investigate! Let's get right on it, he's so close!"

Tracey Russell left hand side by man with glasses?

Choo Dessny ok his new pic just downloaded... here it is! This one looks tough!

Tracey Russell Choo he is on the left side stuffed between the man in the white t-shirt and someone who looks like they are not wearing a top lol *stuffed ok i will get me coat lol

Cathy Perry he's between the lady with not shirt on and that guy, upper left of photo. we got the Turkey this time, Tracey.    

Choo Dessny Ahh the thrill of the chase... I'm getting goosebumps!

Choo Dessny New pic coming in now...

Tracey Russell Behind legs of man in red shirt black shorts left side

Ebony Ezell Left Side infront of the man who has back facing the cam.. red shirt black pants

Choo Dessny What is going on now? This doesn't sound good! A new picture is downloading... What could be happening?

Choo Dessny OMG! He's on stage with Miley, turkey twerking her!

Choo Dessny Thanks for all your help everyone! Sorry this turned out to be another wild goose chase today. Looks like we're gonna wait it out for a bit. Will keep you all posted on any new developments!

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