Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Trafalgar Incident

OK, Findem's located my turkey again... Finally!

Choo Dessny omg he's right, look at all those pigeons! Hey is that Carlos? It's him! We got him now!

Cathy Perry he's on top of that column, behind the little kid with the red jacket.. Carlos you are so busted..

Choo Dessny Thanks Cathy, I let him know!

Choo Dessny Says he's lost him already! WTH? We have to help this guy again...

Choo Dessny Here's the pic he sent... Wow there are a lot of pigeons indeed! Where's Carlos?

Cathy Perry he's hanging around the man on the right; his right leg . gosh, i'll bet there is a lot of bird poop around that place. cripes.

Choo Dessny LOL, Findem reached between that guy's legs. Smart.

Choo Dessny Oh geez, this lady must be known as Queen of Pigeonlandia!

Cathy Perry Carlos is at the top right of that dung heap. ROFLBO!!

Choo Dessny Uh oh, sounds like Findem's in trouble...

Choo Dessny There's a pic coming in... Oh boy this looks bad.

Choo Dessny Come on Findem, fight back!

Choo Dessny Jeepers, look at Carlos there. He looks like a General in the Bird Army! He's not messing around... Findem's in deep doo doo now.

Choo Dessny Well this is embarrassing. Seems they've gotten the upper hand (wing?) on Mr. Findem! I've lost contact with him.

      Choo Dessny Oooh, one more pic in queue here... Must've come in just before I lost contact....


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