Thursday, November 28, 2013

Braggadocios Bird

Finally, just after midnight on November 28, a neighbor informed me in the comments that he had located the remaining missing items (grain sacks, axe & bucket) and solved the turkey's anagram!:

"My very smart neighbor Saxton Hale has located the final three missing items and solved Mr. Turkey's cryptic anagram. "I'll escape," Mr. Turkey says. I knew that braggadocios bird was taunting me! Well my friend, Mr. Turkey, I have news for you: You are going nowhere except on my grill tomorrow morning! We are on full lock down, people. It's Defcon 1 at Korova Farms! I will make the preparations shortly. In the interim, I thank you for your help, Saxton!"

1 comment:

  1. Saxton rules! How on earth could Laurel ever be wrong? Haha! Anyhoo, lock down cannot be achieved without chicken wire on top of his 'cage', yes?