Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Choo's Helpful Farming Tips: New Year Fiesta

Well Christmas has yet to arrive, but I guess we're already celebrating New Year's.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Doesn't seem likely that I will be able to reach my grand prize goal of 1,121,000 Fiesta Points, but you know I am going to try my best.  Because I am a super-farmer extraordinaire, baby!  Oh yes!

But you know me, I'm a giver, so I took precious time out of my fanatical fiesta point accrual and stopped by the blog today to give you my super-helpful fiesta farming tip of the day.  And that is this:  Only the balloon crops which have the small veggie icon on them will give you points towards the fiesta challenge thingy.  As you can see, if you look closely, this one above has a tiny corn on it, so it is a good one to plant!

When it comes time to harvest your beautiful balloon crops, be sure to use your diamond shovel.  It will probably not give you any additional fiesta points, but it WILL make you feel superior to your lowly fair competitors who are too impoverished to be able to afford farm bucks, or too ethical to use cheats.  

Either way, screw them, right?  You are winning at life!

Happy farming!

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