Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Choo's Helpful Farming Tips: Alpacapella

Well, a new quest has arrived, and according to Cassandra Duvall, I need to grow a bunch of damn alpacas and feed them to my fleece machine.

Sorry if I sound peeved about this, but we all know how long alpacas take to grow.  It's like... forever!

Now, I guess I could use my speed-grow, but I'm saving that for a special occasion.  I mean, I might really, really need 654 speed-grows some day -- I can't predict the future!  (Which is what all of us pack rats tell ourselves about anything that would be depleted upon use; consequently we never use anything and are branded as "hoarders.")  So I decided to make the best of the time it would take them to fully mature...

I taught them to sing Christmas carols!  They're actually not half-bad!  Feel free to stop by the farm and see them.  They love visitors, and they take requests too!

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