Thursday, December 10, 2015

Choo's Diary: Gramophone Dance Party

Dear Diary,

Barbara was offering dancing lessons recently.  I was very apprehensive about it at first.  I had never really danced before.

But I mustered the courage to build my gramophone bench and gave it a try...


First, Barbara gave me a dance lesson.  She made it look so easy!  I was very impressed.

Next, it was my turn to do a dance solo.  I was so nervous!  But I think that I did it well,  Barbara was smiling at me and clapping the whole time.  She was very reassuring.

After that came the duet.  Barbara and I danced cheek to cheek!  I was so excited, and I think I did really well.  Barbara whispered in my ear that I could call her "Babsy."  I think she really likes me!

Finally we had reached the finale, and I had to dip barbara.  I was very worried that I would drop her on her head, but it turned out OK and I think at that very moment Barbara fell in love with me, and I with her.

When I lifted her back to her feet, Barbara was overwhelmed with passion, and she kissed me.  I never felt so alive.  But her husband Walter was there, and he witnessed this, and he was understandably very upset at the scene we had made.

So mad was he in fact, Walter pulled a gun on us, just as I was professing my love for Barbara.  Thank goodness my friend Neva Stynski was there and had the presence of mind to warn me!

Just as I was about to shield Barbara from the gunfire, my faithful doggie Choo-Labbie jumped in to save the day, knocking the gun from Walter's hand!

I felt cowardly, but I just had to get away.  I retreated to the safety of my workshop to contemplate the situation.  What should I do?  I had to come up with a plan for Barbara and I to be together!

After some time alone I had finally regained my composure and decided what must be done.  I had resolved to go and claim my Babsy!

After searching all over town I finally found them dining out, and Walter had stuck my poor sweet Babsy in a corner!  How could this be?   Not my Babsy - oh no!  I would not stand for it!  I marched right in there and gave Walter a piece of my mind!

And then I took my Babsy from that awful place, and we danced, and we danced, and we danced the night away!

I had the time of my life, Babsy.  And I owe it all to you!

Gramophone ice dancing, baby, YEAH!

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