Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Feature - Co-Op Ads!

I have added a new feature to the blog called "Co-Op Ads by Choo."  This is where I will showcase all the lovely co-op advertisements I created for so many grateful co-op owners around the world.  You can even post a comment at the bottom of that page asking me to make an ad for your co-op if you want one!  Isn't that fantastic?

So go check it out, it's up there in the right-hand corner under the title "PAGES."  Or you could just click the convenient link I embedded above in this post if you are more into that sort of thing.  Either way will get you from point A to point B, so you decide for yourself what works best for you.  I promise not to judge.

There is also another new feature page up there which isn't actually new, but I don't think I ever formally announced its existence, so perhaps it's new to you.  It's called "Random Pictures" and it is the page where I periodically dump all the random pictures I find cluttering up my hard drive which had never found a home elsewhere, like in a blog post or my recycle bin.  In fact I added some new ones today!

So, enjoy those.

Or don't.


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