Monday, October 26, 2015

More Halloween Hijinks

I've been reluctant to post this, because I generally try to keep this blog G, or at least PG-rated, and this one isn't really meant for a prime time viewing audience (in fact it's probably not suitable for any viewing audience whatsoever, but since when did that stop me?)

But it's Halloweentime, and I did promise to try and deliver some Halloween-flavored content to you all this October to make up for my failure last October, so I feel like I have no choice.  (Just to make sure we're all on the same page here, when I say Halloween-flavored, I'm referring to murder and mayhem, not pumpkin spice lattes.)

This is the third and final series of old Halloween Facebook posts from last summer that I found on my hard drive and intend to shamelessly recycle here on the blog, and it is arguably the most graphic, violent, ribald and horrifying of all.  

Based on that fact, and since I really don't want to offend anyone who doesn't want to be offended (isn't that what you come here for?  No?  Uh oh...), I felt that it was best to hide this content on a secret blog page that is only accessible to those who click the following liability waiver link (do so at your own risk, you have been warned!):

By clicking this link I hereby certify that I am a bona fide adult at least 18 years old, or at least of whatever appropriate legal age of majority has been lawfully established in the jurisdiction from which I am currently accessing this online content, and that I am not offended by, nor am I violating any local ordinances in my jurisdiction prohibiting my viewing of graphic depictions of nudity, sex, violence, talking animals, torture, murder, voodoo rituals, furries, profanity, various and sundry bodily fluids deposited in unusual places, witchcraft, vehicular homicide, onomatopoeia, sacred incantations of black magick, animal abuse, human abuse, abuse in general, vengeance and retribution, pagan gods, resurrection of the dead, adultery, the occult, vile human conduct generally, bananas in tailpipes, corruption, PETA members, petty vindictiveness, promiscuous behavior, coercion or animal sacrifice, all of which are being shamefully committed within the setting and by the characters of an otherwise wholesome family-friendly online computer farming game thereby making it all seem ten times worse than it really is, and I also hereby agree not to hold Choo Dessny, Google, Blogspot, Zynga or the internet or any of their parent corporations or subsidiaries or anyone else in the universe responsible for any adverse effects whatsoever that I or anyone I know or may come to know in the future or met once at a party may suffer at any time as a result of viewing said content.

Please make sure to read the above liability waiver thoroughly before clicking!  If you do not fully agree with it, do not click it!


  1. oh nooooo Choo!!! that onomatopoeia is waaaay to sssscary!!!!

    1. You've certainly got a good point there, Iris. But I must say, it's the bananas in tailpipes that frighten me the most!