Sunday, September 14, 2014

Election Fever

"We have the best government that money can buy." Mark Twain

Dear FV2 Friends,

As a faithful reader of the Turkey Troubles blog, surely you know of the many trials and tribulations my turkey, Carlos has managed to overcome in heroic fashion.  Last year, Carlos escaped being the main course for Thanksgiving dinner, then traveled the world in a hot air balloon while being doggedly pursued by a psychopathic private investigator, only to become snagged at Chernobyl where he became unwittingly irradiated.

Later, when he was shot down over the North Pole all hope was lost and poor Carlos was presumed dead.  But we soon learned that you just can't keep a good turkey down after discovering that Carlos was rescued by Santa's elves and nursed back to health with hot chocolate!  This was good news for Santa and the people of FarmVille too, because Rudolph was very sick last Christmas, and Carlos was able to fill in for him by using his radioactive snood to guide Santa's sleigh!  Long story short, Carlos saved Christmas for FarmVille and was declared a hero!

But how soon we forget.  

The FarmVille mayoral election race is now in full swing, and Carlos has not even been asked to run!  Apparently Walter and Marie are running against each other, and despite Carlos' desire to run against them, he has not even been placed on the ballot! This is a turkey who has done so much for FarmVille that he should be automatically proclaimed the defacto mayor of FarmVille - and yet he is being denied the opportunity to even run.  Preposterous, I say.  What say you?

We cannot abide this injustice.  Carlos deserves a chance to run for mayor.  Let the voters decide!

After all, what have Walter or Marie done for FarmVille?  Absolutely nothing!

Carlos is a true FarmVille hero who deserves to be mayor more than any other candidate.   His arbitrary exclusion from the mayoral race is simply unacceptable.  We will not stand for it!

Friends, Farmers, Countrymen...  This is a call to action!  We really need your help!  Please click the "Sign Petition" button below to show your support for putting Carlos on the Mayoral Election ballot. It only takes a brief moment, and you can sign into it via Facebook so there's no messy e-mail/password nonsense to deal with!

If the widget isn't working for some reason, here is a link to the petition.

Please also download the campaign posters below and post them to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media resources using the hash tag #Vote4Carlos to help spread the word about Carlos' campaign.  

To do so, click the image to enlarge it, then right click on the image to pull up the following menu, from which you can click "SAVE IMAGE AS" to save a copy to your desktop.

Here are the campaign posters you can copy and post:

On behalf of Carlos, I want to thank you all for your help and support in this noble endeavor.