Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy National Spinach Day?

Meanwhile, at Zynga HQ...

Zynga exec #1: "Gee, our FV2 players are all still really super pissed off at us over Thursday's glitch.  Riots are breaking out on our web forums and many of them are threatening to quit the game!  What should we do?"

Zynga exec #2: "I've got an idea!  Let's divert their attention from the issue with a post about National Spinach Day!  Everyone loves spinach, right?"

Zynga exec #1: "Brilliant plan!  I'll get our art, web and programming teams on that right away.  They're probably not busy with anything else at the moment."

Quests are still missing, hard-earned puppy pageant dogs are still MIA, people are still missing quest buildings and quest-related rewards they won such as animals, fences and decorations, and paying customers are still missing things for which they actually spent real money.  But instead of addressing what they are doing to rectify these issues, Zynga wants us to just forget about all that and plant some nice spinach, OK?  So, just relax, guys.  It's spinach day, and there is spinach for you to plant.  What more could you possibly want?

Also, here loyal players, have a tiny handful of trinkets of dubious value to make up for everything you lost in the latest glitch:

Yeah, sure, you restored my Prank Pedestal, but with negative party invites.  Thanks Zynga, that is very helpful.  Keep up the great work!

Well, gotta look on the bright side, I guess.  At least we have some entertaining new comments to read!

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