Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Turd Man

I never knew the old FarmVille before the State Fair with its banjo music, its farmlands and easy charm. I really got to know it in the classic period of the black market. We'd run anything if people wanted it enough and had the farmbucks to pay. Of course a situation like that does tempt amateurs but, well, you know, they can't stay the course like a professional. Good fellows on the whole, did their best you know. FarmVille doesn't really look any worse than a lot of other cities. Farmed out a bit. Oh, I was going to tell you, wait, I was going to tell you about Choo Dessny, a farmer. Came all the way here to till the land and made friends with a turkey. His name was Carlos, Carlos Guajolote. Anyway, there they were, poor chaps. Happy as larks and without a clue as to what was about to become of them...



  1. This is hysterically funny. I hope you do more of them.
    I'm Spryte.

    1. Thanks Spryte! So happy to hear you enjoyed it!