Sunday, June 1, 2014

Little Trouble in Big Harvest

It all started one day last week when I got a bonus order for 220 Bries.  It was a big order, yes.  But I felt confident that with all the magnificent neighbors I have, the 660 salts necessary to craft the 220 Bries would be mine for the asking.  

The problem is, you can only inventory a maximum of 12 salts at a time, which means you can only craft up to 4 Bries at any given time.  So to complete an order of 220 Bries, you basically have to maintain a round-the-clock vigil over your incoming salt gifts, crafting them as they arrive to avoid exceeding the salt storage limit.

I received a lot of nice feedback about the Brie challenge from my friends, so I decided to post daily updates so they could follow my progress.

By the second day I wasn't even halfway to my goal, and I started second-guessing my decision to take on such a massive order.  But my friends remained steadfast in their support, and continued to cheer me on as good friends do.

By the third day I had about 80% of the order completed, but I was feeling exhausted from crafting Brie day and night. 

I thanked my wonderful friends for all their help, and although many of them thought I was crazy for attempting this challenge, they remained encouraging and supportive.

More importantly, they generously kept the salt coming my way.

By the fourth day, the long nights of crafting Brie until dawn had finally taken their toll on me.  Tragically, I had fallen asleep just prior to completion of the order.  My loyal turkey friend Carlos commandeered my Facebook account to alert my friends to the dire situation, urging them to help awaken me before time ran out.

Unfortunately, despite Carlos and all my friends yelling at me to wake up, I was just sleeping too deeply to hear them.  

Needless to say, I missed the deadline, and despite all my hard work the Townsfolk cancelled the order.

When I finally awoke and learned what had happened, I was not a happy camper.

I began to reflect on how much simpler things used to be before Big Harvest came along.  Farming used to be fun and relaxing.  But now it had become like work and stressful.  

I thought about how difficult the townsfolk's orders were becoming to fulfill, and how anytime I needed their help to build a Big Harvest upgrade I would have to wait around for days before they showed up.  

Who did they think they were, anyway?

Having fully lost my temper by this point, I posted a long angry rant, urging my friends to get mad with me and to help me settle the score with those townies once and for all.

It seems that I had struck a chord with my fellow farmers.  We were all mad as hell, and we weren't going to take this anymore! 

We had been galvanized into an angry mob.  As such, we did what angry mobs tend to do.  

We taught those townies a lesson they won't soon forget!

The morning after...


This blog post is dedicated to the mother of a dear friend.

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