Sunday, March 19, 2017

Choolligan's Island

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of things that float

That started from my little farm,
Aboard this tiny boat.

The tasks I had to complete,
All proved quite a chore.
Posted for Boat Charms ten hours ago
But I still need three more, I still need three more.

I had to get some more otters too,

but my farm was already full. 

I found myself repeating these words,
"Man, this quest is bull!" "This quest is bull!"

Each set of tasks were demanded of me by a sadist with a smile,

Like Cornelius,

and Rusty too,

A Walter and his wife,

A movie star

Gus and Marie,

Here on Choolligan's Isle!


Why do I keep doing these quests?
Is it just for some prize?
These are things I'll never use,
I began to realize,
began to realize.

I think it's time to quit this quest,
I don't need any of this stuff.
I usually like to see things through,
But this time I've had enough, this time I've had enough.

Oh wait, I forgot, I want that cow!
I heard it's a pedigree one,
Back to the quest to plant more crops,
I guess I'm not really done,
I'm not really done.

So join me here each week my friend,
For a new quest I'll revile,
More crap to do for dubious rewards,
Here on Choolligan's Isle!

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