Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Finger Lickin' Good!

Just got today's new quest, and boy what a surprise.  This marks quite a departure from the usual quests we get, as well as FV2's long-standing taboo against animal consumption.  Although some would argue that they already crossed that line with the introduction of fishing and seafood recipes.  So I guess that was the first step, and fried chicken is the second.  

Clearly Zynga intends to gently ease us into a new omnivory era of farming by allowing us to feed upon small-at-first, then increasingly larger creatures.  As a staunch supporter of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals), I am totally OK with this.  

Indeed, I can hardly wait for the day they give us an abattoir to place on our farms.  I will finally be able to put all those juicy animals in my pasture to good use!

The KFC promotional tie-in was a smart move too.  I am already craving fried chicken and I haven't even finished building my chicken frying machine yet.  Just feast your eyes on those crispy golden brown pieces of tender, succulent chicken.

Mmmmmm.  So tantalizing, my mouth is watering.  I wonder if KFC paid Zynga for their product placement with cash or free fried chicken?  The latter is clearly the superior option.  All I know is the people at Popeyes and El Pollo Loco must be kicking themselves right now for not beating KFC to the punch on this brilliant alliance with Zynga.  Score another victory for the colonel!

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