Friday, January 17, 2014

Snow Job


This is the first installment of a new series of blog posts called "Friday Facebook Foto Fun" where every Friday* we will have fun with a new picture one of my friends posts on Facebook.

This little project came about when I found that a former Facebook/FV2 friend, Cathy Perry, was very fond of spamming sharing random pictures to  her Facebook page.  Her predilections would run toward pictures of cutesy animals, sunsets, serene nature scenes and the like; you know, the usual girly type stuff.  She would often introduce the shared picture to her audience with some enthusiastic commentary, fawning over how "Lovely," "Pretty" and/or "Gorgeous" it was, how she would love to "crawl inside the picture and live there," or how such-and-such "is my favorite <insert animal type here>."  Her Facebook friends would then regularly chime in to concur until it all became one big circle jerk of "oohs" and "aahs" punctuated by an unabashed overuse of emoticons.

Needless to say, this scenario wasn't really my cup of tea, so I often found myself choking on the schmaltz of it all while scrolling through my Facebook feed and finding these little gems of hers randomly popping up to taunt me.

One day I decided that I might try injecting some of her pictures with my own little bit of whimsy, in an attempt to at least make them more palatable to me, as well as preserve what shreds remained of my sanity.  I think part of it too is that Cathy was easily provoked into hilariously hostile reactions, and screwing with pictures she held dear seemed to facilitate same.

Typically I would just randomly paste a picture of my turkey Carlos into Cathy's pictures, partly because I am lazy and untalented, and partly because due to the great disdain she has often expressed for that bird, I knew that it would have a high probability of peeving her.  On some days I would endeavor to be slightly more creative than that, but not very, and not often.

On this particular day, Cathy posted a picture of some snowy Christmas town scene, and honestly, the thing that struck me most about it was how slippery and unsafe the roads looked.

Then this happened:

I was quite tickled by Cathy's earnest attempt to debunk the authenticity of my clearly doctored image by claiming the crashed automobile I had inserted was anachronistic to the scene.

Equally hilarious was Judy Brown Woodall's comment calling me silly because "no one was hurt."

Of course, it was that very comment which prompted me to explode the car and kill everyone in the scene.

So, who's the silly one now, Judy?   

Who's the silly one now?


* Note: "Friday Facebook Foto Fun" is unlikely to actually occur on a Friday, and much less likely to occur every Friday.

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